The Briars Foundation

What is the Foundation?

The Briars Foundation Limited was formed in 1994, by a group of generous members who realised the benefit to the club of building cash reserves for the future development of the club, and to foster the growth of amateur sports in the Burwood / Concord districts.
The objects of the Briars Foundation are to:
1. Raise money and provide financial support for amateur sport.
2. Invest such money as the Foundation, in its absolute discretion, sees fit; and
3. Apply such money for the support and encouragement of amateur sport in such manner as the Foundation, in its absolute discretion sees fit.
The Briars Sporting Club has more sporting members actively playing sport than at any other time in our history. Today, at Briars at Greenlees we have over 1500 members with over 500 of those representing the club in rugby, cricket, men's and women's hockey, men's and women's bowls, squash and netball.
In addition we have a strong junior development programme with teams in junior cricket and hockey competitions, and a development programme in rugby for young boys from Concord and surrounding suburbs.
In its ability to provide financial support for this multi faceted club of ours, The Foundation has never been more relevant than it is today.

Become a Member
As we approach The Briars centenary year in 2018 we are looking for your support to help the club broaden its horizons, take on new challenges, and through the continuing support of amateur sports, provide a fitting nursery for tomorrow's champions.
Foundation in raising funds, the Briars Facilities Development Fund has been registered with the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). This enables donations to be fully tax deductible.

Donations must be made to the ASF, however donors may nominate the Briars Facilities Development Fund as their preferred beneficiary. All ASF grants received by the Foundation will be used to assist Briars at Greenlees in upgrading its sporting facilities.